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Deployment - Predeployment

Our Air Force members and their families deserve the best support possible with the challenges of deployment.

Pre-deployment support for service members and families begins with a pre-deployment consultation that is mandatory for the deploying Airman; families are strongly encourage to attend


  • The consultation includes information on deployment stress, staying connected, sustainment services offered during the deployment, and return and reunion support
  • Personal & Family readiness is emphasized in three key areas:  finances, legal matters, and personal details
  • A&FRC staff contact identified family members to inform them of resources and services available if they are unavailable to attend the consultation






Defense Link

USAA deployment guide

Deployment Atlas

This atlas was produced by the DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center to provide service members with important information to help them stay healthy and safe during deployment.

Deployment Checklist for Spouses

Contains a deployment checklist for spouses from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

Deployment Checklists - Are You Ready To Deploy?

Contains various Pre-deployment checklists. From Ameriforce Publishing, Inc.

Deployment Immunizations

Pre-deployment immunizations for all personnel include Hepatitis A, MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), Td, influenza and typhoid. Selected personnel may require other vaccines as dictated by appropriate medical authority. Additional vaccines may be required, depending on where you're going. Website includes table with list of countries and vaccines required.

Deployment Medication Information Sheets

Deployment Medication Information Sheets (DMIS) are provided by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (USACHPPM). Written for soldiers and their families, they provide basic information on deployment medications. Each DMIS is written in laymen's terms and covers topics such as need for and use of the vaccine/medication, side effects, precautions, and drug interactions. The information in the sheets is intended as guidance only; consult your health care provider for more information. For some medications, information directly from the Center for Disease Control and prevention is provided.

DHCC - Pre-Deployment

Deployment Cycle Support - Pre-Deployment: Policies and Guidance, Forms, Medical Threat Information, Patient Education Materials

Don't Leave Without It - Important Questions About Life Insurance

Provides information and resources regarding life insurance for deployed members. From Ameriforce Publishing, Inc.

Force Health - Pre-Deployment Tips

Pre-Deployment Tips. Family Support during Deployments. Post Deployment ... The Pre-Deployment Health Assessment should be administered at the home station

How to prepare our children and stay involved in their education during deployment

Booklet from the Military Child Education Coalition created to help parents and educators, support children during this potentially stressful time. Also discuss ways that parents and educators can work together to ensure that the education process stays on track during a deployment.

Military Families: Pre-deployment Guide: A Tool for Coping: Pre-separation Checklist

Provides a pre-separation checklist with resources in regards to family, security, medical, financial, legal, important papers, and household maintenance.

Mom Know-How

Helping Little Ones Cope During Deployments

Operation: Love ReUnited

OpLove supports U.S. Military Enlisted Families with patriotic images of their enlistment, importantly before a deployment, and more importantly at their reunion when the deployment has terminated and the soldier is safely home- most people are so overwhelmed by emotions they forget to simply point and shoot their child's first hug after MONTHS of being apart from their daddy or mommy. OpLove helps families find supporting professional photographers in their area to take patriotic images of their family before a deployment and then again at their homecoming usually in an airport.

Pre-Deployment Checklist

Staying Healthy Guides

Country specific soldiers guide to staying healthy is intended to provide information that can help reduce risk of disease and non-battle injuries (DNBI) when deployed. The health threat and countermeasure information is based on the most current data available from the U.S. Department of Defense medical agencies at the time of production. Provided by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (USACHPPM).

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