Heartlink Training



Welcome to the Air Force Heartlink Program. We're excited that you are planning and organizing your base's Heartlink presentation. We know this program is very helpful to our Air Force spouses and encourage you to make the day fun, exciting, and informational for each of your participants. Make sure you give attendants the opportunity to get to know their fellow spouses. Also, give them plenty of time to ask questions or address concerns they may have.

We know that each Air Force base is different, but we want to make sure the Heartlink program covers essential items that will help an Air Force spouse get to know their surroundings and adjust to Air Force life at your base with ease. We ask that you review the faciliator guides and cater the PowerPoints provided to your base to ensure that the information provided is accurate and exciting!

Good luck with your Heartlink Program!

Heartlink Power Point Templates

In this section, we have provided you with templates for the activities that you will be conducting during your Heartlink presentation at your base. We recommend first reviewing both the Facilitator Guide and the Technical Guide before looking at the PowerPoints. These guides will help you become familiar with what content each PowerPoint contains and how to go about modifying the powerpoints to match your specific base's information.

Welcome to Heart Link

This PowerPoint introduces the Heart Link program to the participants and goes over the agenda for the program. It should also introduce the staff facilitating the program, allow for time for participants to introduce themselves to the group, and review the meaning behind the Heart Link symbol. You might also want to take this time to incorporate the optional ice breaker powerpoint listed below.

Activity 1: Mission of the Base

This PowerPoint will require you to add information and details about your specific base. It includes suggestions for slides and information to add that would be valuable to your specific base. In addition, we have provided you with a sample PowerPoint from a base that includes information you may want to consider adding about your base during your presentaiton.

Activity 2: Introduction to the Air Force Family

This slide includes information important to Air Force families including: MPS, Protocol, and Finance information.

Activity 3: Tool Kit for Preparedness

For this activity, you should review all documents and papers that you handed out to your participants. In addition, you should review some specific things about your base such as: the on base grocery store, local and community information, and information on Key Spouses.

Activity 4: Communicating Within the Air Force

This PowerPoint allows you to review communication issues within the Air Force and military. You might also want to play the video about acronyms at this time.

Activity 5: Healthy Families

This PowerPoint reviews the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Force Support Squadron Services, Legal Services, the Health and Wellness Center, Family Advocacy, Air Force Chaplains, Squadron First Sergeants, TRICARE, and mental health services.

Activity 6: The Vital Importance of the Air Force Family

This PowerPoint reviews the HighFlight Program, The Air Force Song, and thanks attendees for coming to the Heart Lnk Program.

Optional Activity: Ice Breaker Scavenger Hunt

Optional Activity: Jeapordy Game

Facilitator Resources

  • Download the Facilitator Guide (pdf)
  • The Facilitator Guide will review the different elements that your Heart Link program should include. It will give you a sample itenerary and suggestions for implementing and modifying the PowerPoints provided on this website. It also includes tips and suggestions for making your Heart Link presentation meaningful to the spouses that attend your program.

Technical Guide

  • Download the Technical Guide (pdf)
  • The technical guide will help you get started with downloading and modifying the Heart Link powerpoints to make them unique to your Base and Heart Link Program. This guide will review how to download the PowerPoints from the website and performing edits inside of PowerPoint.


Air Force Glossary

  • Air Force Glossary (pdf)
  • Refer to this guide for questions on unfamiliar acronyms or terms.

Air Force Family Resource Guide

Military OneSource

  • Military OneSource Website
  • Stateside Telephone Number: 1-800-342-9647
  • Overseas Telephone Number: country access code + 800-3429-6477
  • Spanish speaking consultants: CONUS 1-877-888-0727