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Please read these instructions first:
  1. In addition to any local reporting procedures and notification through the chain of command, request that all Services Squadron Commanders/Chiefs notify HQ USAF/A1S simultaneously (within 1 hour if possible) of all serious incidents like the following:
    1. Any major property damage to services assets (fire, natural disaster, major aero club aircraft or vehicle accident, etc.).
    2. Any serious injury resulting in death or extended hospitalization of an employee or patron.
    3. Any incident of a sensitive nature involving services employees or assets. Incidents involving lawsuits, with public affairs implications, or theft, etc. are examples of incidents that would be considered sensitive.
  2. To report such incidents, please click on your appropriate listed majcom, complete the incident information form and click send. an e-mail notification will be sent to as well as your appropriate MAJCOM representatives, AF/A1S, AF/A1S2, AFSVA/CC and AFSVA/CD.
  3. Within 24 hours of the initial notification, submit any new information by completing and submitting another incident information form. continue providing updates at 24 hour intervals until requested to stop.
  4. Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to hq USAF/A1S, DSN 260-8598.